Acknowledgment in UNAIDS Science now !

 The abstract of the article Mortality in migrants living with HIV in western Europe (1997-2013): a collaborative cohort study in Lancet HIV. 2015 Dec;2(12):e540-9. Epub 2015 Nov 18 was chosen to be part of the 1st issue of HIV this month (2016), made available today at


COHERE Presentations at CROI 2016

COHERE will be represented at CROI with the following presentations: 

1.CD4 cell response to first-line cART by HIV type in European Cohort Collaborations, presented by Linda Wittkop and Sophie Matheron for the COHERE in EuroCoord and ACHIeV2e study group 

2.Risk of Kaposi Sarcoma in HIV-positive adults on ART: a global analyses , presented by Eliane Rohner on behalf of COHERE in EuroCoord

3.Kaposi Sarcoma Risk in Children on ART from Africa, Europe and Asia, presented by Eliane Rohner and Julia Bohlius on behalf of IeDEA SA, COHERE in EuroCoord, and TREAT Asia Pediatric HIV Observational Database

4.Global Burden of Cervical Cancer in HIV-Positive Women on ART, presented by Eliane Rohner on behalf of IeDEA and COHERE in EuroCoord

5.Association of Tuberculosis with CD4 Recovery and HIV RNA Decline on ART in Europe, presented by Hansjakob Furrer on behalf of COHERE in EuroCoord

6.Safety of stopping T.gondii prophylaxis with suppressed viremia and CD4 >100, presented by Jose M Miro on behalf of COHERE in EuroCoord


COHERE Presentations at EACS 2015

We are pleased to announce that the following presentations were given at EACS 2015 on behalf of COHERE in EuroCoord:

1. “CD4+T-cell count at cART initiation among migrant men and women living in Western Europe” Submitted by Susana Monge (poster)

2.  “Immunological and virological responses to combined antiretroviral treatment in male and female migrants in Europe; is benefit equal for all?” Submitted by Inma Jarrin (poster)

3. “Transient Viral Rebounds as a Prognostic Factor for Control Loss among 1075 HIV-controllers Followed in COHERE Collaboration” Submitted by Fanny Chereau (oral)

4. “HIV Replication is a Major Predictor of Primary and Recurrent Pneumocystis Pneumonia - Implications for Prophylaxis Recommendations" Submitted by Hansjakob Furrer (oral)

5. “HIV Viral Load as an Independent Risk Factor for Tuberculosis: the COHERE Collaboration” Submitted by Hansjakob Furrer (oral)

6. “Is Response to Anti-HCV Treatment Predictive of Mortality in HCV/HIV Co-infected Patients?" Submitted by Lars Peters (oral)



COHERE Steering Committee F2F meeting

The next meeting of the COHERE Steering Committee will be held Friday, 23 October 2015, in room M213+214, from 16.00-18.00 CET in conjunction with the EACS 2015 conference in Barcelona, Spain. Please mark your calendars and let the RCCs know if you are planning to attend. 


Steering Committee F2F Meeting, IWHOD

The next COHERE Steering Committee F2F meeting will be held in conjunction with IWHOD 2015 in Sicily, Thursday, 26 March 2015, 11.00 - 13.30. Please let Maria or Diana whether or not you will be attending.   


19th IWHOD - Call for Abstracts

The 19th International Workshop on HIV Observational Databases will be held in in Catania (Sicily) from 26 - 28 March 2015.  

Abstract submission opens : Wednesday 5 November 2014.  Abstract submission deadline: Wednesday 3 December 2014 18.00 GMT (UK time) 

For submission rules ... 



Five Nations Conference on HIV & Hepatitis, London

A Five Nations Conference on HIV & Hepatitis will take place in London, December 2014. This promises to be an interesting meeting, and may be of particular interest to members of the Hepatitis Subgroup.

Conference Flyer and Slide

For additional information, please contact Caroline Sabin